Free course opportunity!

Earn a free course and improve your English faster!

Even though our courses are moderately priced, it can be an expensive and time-consuming business to bring your English skills up to, say, IELTS 7.5.  A high professional or academic standard is not achieved overnight.  We are aware that many people would like to take more of our core IELTS course and/or some of our supplementary courses, but they find it a struggle to afford as many courses as they would like to follow.

We have therefore introduced a scheme to help you pay for your next course.  Most of our students are happy to recommend us to their friends and family.  They do this anyway because our courses have helped them to become successful and they want to pass this on.  If you recommend us, we would now like to thank you by offering you a generous discount of 12½% off your next classroom course for each friend or family member who takes up a place on a Glowing Results classroom course and gives us your name.  It can be the same course as yours or it can be a different course. There is a place on our registration form for new students to give your name as the person who recommended them.

Just think - if you introduce eight friends, you will be entitled to follow a Glowing Results course completely free of charge!

However, our "recommend a friend" offer is only open to students who have already followed a classroom course with us.  This is because you can't really recommend something that you haven't tried yourself! We want your recommendation to be genuine - and we are confident that after you have experienced our tuition, it will be!  So, if you have already experienced one of our classroom courses, why not bring your friends along to the next one? It will benefit them and also entitle you to a free or discounted place.