Course A: IELTS intensive days (Saturdays)

Payment options (not including Speaking test - see below):
Who this course is aimed at:

These days are organised for those whose IELTS examination is imminent and who want to make sure they obtain the best grade they possibly can in a short space of time.

Course duration:

Saturdays (5 hours’ testing and tuition each day)
10:30 – 16:30 (including 1 hour lunch break) .

IELTS Intensive Day 1: Saturday, 29th August

IELTS Intensive Day 2: Saturday, 26th September

Course tutors and administrators:

Norman Whitby and Stacie Withers

Course fees:

Price £60 per day for the Listening, Reading and Writing tests.  A supplement of £15 is payable for those also wishing to take the Speaking test with a trained IELTS examiner, who will assess performance and give feedback. If you would like to take the Speaking test as well, please indicate this on your registration form.

Students may register either for Day 1 only, for Day 2 only or for both days for additional practice; the format for each day is the same, but the materials are different.

Timetable for each day:

10:30   Writing component (1 hour)

11:30   Reading component (1 hour)

12:30   Listening component (40 minutes)

13:15   Lunch break

14:15   Feedback, tuition, tips and questions

16:30   End of day

Additional notes:

The usual order for the IELTS exam is Listening, Reading, Writing, but we have changed this order on our intensive days so that we can complete marking of the Writing component by the afternoon.

The Speaking tests will normally be scheduled either before the other tests at 10:30 or after them at 16:30. Please remember to indicate on the registration form whether or not you would like to take it and, if so, bring an addtitional £15 on the day.