About us

Our dedicated tutors are highly skilled professionals, with experience working in British universities. They are skilled in teaching IELTS courses and accustomed to helping overseas postgraduates, academics, business and medical professionals with their language needs.  We offer both classroom courses in London Zone 1 and distance courses.  Our classes are small, generally a maximum of twelve, and our fees are highly competitive. The full price of a fifteen-hour classroom course is £180, working out at just £12 an hour – and this includes your course materials and a cup of coffee!  There are no hidden extras.  We also offer discounts for students who recommend us to a friend who takes a classroom course.

Norman Whitby (Glowing Results LLP partner and tutor)

Norman holds an M.A. from Cambridge University and an M.A. in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and has over 20 years' teaching experience in Italy, Egypt and the U.K. In recent years, he has worked largely as an IELTS trainer and materials writer and is the author of 'Improve IELTS Writing Skills' and 'Improve IELTS Reading Skills', both co-written with Sam McCarter and published by Macmillan (2007).  Norman’s hobbies include theatre and vegetarian cookery.         


Stacie Withers (Glowing Results LLP partner and tutor)

Stacie holds an M.A. in Literature from Durham University, a further M.A. in Applied Linguistics from London University (Birkbeck) and has 15 years' experience as a tutor in English for Academic Purposes at London University.  Before this, she worked for King Saud University, Riyadh, the University of Naples, Italy and for the British Council.

Stacie is also a fully qualified state teacher and holds a DELTA diploma. She has particular expertise in pronunciation and spoken delivery skills.  Her great loves are ancient history, travel and the theatre, both as an audience member and actress.   

Our unique approach


Flexibility is the keynote of our course design.  You can study in a classroom or at a distance – in either case you are assured of personal attention.  You can ‘mix and match’ your courses, focusing mainly on Reading & Writing, or only on Listening & Speaking, or on all four skills together.  If you wish, you can choose additional modules on Grammar & Vocabulary or on Pronunciation to ‘top up’.  You can study for varying lengths of time – 5 weeks, 10 weeks, 15 weeks or more.


  • You can choose to study according to your needs 
  • You do not waste money on what you are already good at, but can concentrate on what you need to know
  • You can suggest a course or area of study to us if you do not see what you want



Nearly all our advanced course materials are fresh and original – and professionally created.  Our Reading and Writing materials have been produced exclusively for Glowing Results by Norman Whitby. Norman is an established IELTS course writer for Macmillan and a well-reputed Business English course writer for Cambridge University Press.

Advanced Grammar and Pronunciation materials have been compiled by Stacie Withers, who has produced considerable course material for overseas learners at the University of London.

  • You won’t risk repeating material that you have seen before in other IELTS courses.
  • You won’t have to spend any money on buying books, as the cost of materials is included in your course.

We may sometimes use published materials for Listening and in our lower level IELTS courses, but there is no charge for these materials.



In each class, you learn specific strategies. We don’t just go through a passage, tell you what it means and give you the correct answer at the end – we show you strategic ways to work out the answer for yourself and to handle tricky questions, strategic ways to find the correct answer in a reading passage quickly and to express yourself in the most appropriate way in English.

  • You will be better equipped to reach the IELTS score you need
  • You will gain a clearer understanding of what is required of you in the IELTS exam


Mock exams

Timed examination practice is essential for success.  To assist our students, we also offer mock IELTS examinations for the Reading, Writing and Listening papers, giving detailed feedback and advice on the same day.  We also hire practising IELTS examiners for the Speaking test, for which they give feedback.